With "AMIGOS" the differences in language or cultures won't be a barrier for your communication anymore!

AMIGOS is a school specialized in language courses of Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish, intensive short-term or standard medium/long-term, in groups or individual (one-to-one), covering all CEFR levels from A1 to C2. Our friendly staff and familiar atmosphere will make your stay in Kyiv comfortable and efficient, having the opportunity to meet and practice the language with natives and students from all over the world.

AMIGOS language intensive programs are thought to cover all our student needs with optional side services like accommodation or a wide variety of activities in Kyivska region. Simply call us and let us know what your preferences are and our staff will make it possible.

If you are looking for a medium size school where to start or improve your Russian, Ukrainian or Spanish language skills at very reasonable prices while meeting people and having fun, "AMIGOS" is your school in Kiev!
We are proud to say that our personalized treatment combined with a really efficient program of Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish courses developed by our professional staff is the simple (but effective) formula of our success. We care about you and we understand you.


"AMIGOS" is not just a language school, our target is to teach communication skills in internstionsl environments. Communication is the main target of any language but, unfortunately, sometimes even if you can read, write, speak or understand a language, the communication is still not good enough. Maybe you are wondering - How can it happen? You will find the answer to this question just thinking about the way you learnt your native language. Did you start studying grammar while being a baby? For sure not, we simply experienced the need of transfering some information and we learnt to do it just listening and repeating what other people are saying.

It means we firstly learnt how to communicate and only afterwards how to read, write or speak according to the grammar rules, and never in the other way around. This is exactly the main philosophy of "AMIGOS", to make our pupils learning the communication as a native would do it, without splitting the learning process in different parts (reading, writting, listening, etc) but just taking it as a whole.


How to get it?

    Traditionally, there are two main methodologies to teach communication skills in a foreign language:
  • Learning out of the language environmet - based on different kind of communication exercises focused on specified topics and oriented to develop and improve certain skills in the pupil
  • Learning in the language environment - based on the usage of the language within a real native situation (not always correct according to grammar rules)

"AMIGOS" offers a third new alternative, based on the combination of the most efficient parts of the two classical methodologies. The result is an innovative way to learn a foreign language, following the requirements of the real life but, at the same time, adapted to the individual requirements of each student.

Here you will find a short summary of our program of courses, if you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact us by any mean (see section "Contact")


Ukrainian / Russian for foreigners

✔ Personalized according to individual requirements.

✔ AMIGOS' courses are a great opportunity to learn the local culture and customs.

✔ The program is split in 6 different levels (A1 - C2) from beginner to advanced.

✔ All levels given by native teachers in groups up to 6 people or individual (one-to-one)

✔ Lessons are given in English, Spanish, Russian or Ukrainian

✔ A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

AMIGOS Language School offers the following course types:

Individual courses (one-to-one) allow certain customization of the course according to our customer needs.

- Intensive (5 lessons of 180 min / week). The individual intensive course is for students who want to maximize their language learning practice during their stay and, additionally, need certain flexibility in terms of timetables, topics, thematic activities, etc.

- Semi-intensive (3 lessons of 135 min / week) for students on a medium-long term stay basis who need certain level of flexibility in terms of timetables, topics, thematic lessons, etc.

- Standard (2 lessons of 90 min / week) medium/long term courses.

Group courses:

- Intensive (5 lessons of 180 min / week). The Intensive course is for students who want to maximize their language learning practice. Heavily focused on speaking and communication skills.

- Semi-intensive (3 lessons of 135 min / week) focused on speaking and communication skills. A great opportunity to learn the local culture and customs.

- Standard (2 lessons of 90 min / week) medium/long term courses.

Business programs (for companies or individuals) of Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish are available all over the year (one-to-one or groups) and are mainly focused on people with very limited time at work. Courses given on company premises (office) or our own premises.

Courses available on morning, afternoon or evening shift.

You will take a placement test on your first day to determine your class level. You may also take this test before your arrival.

Special offers for company groups (to know more, please, contact us by any mean)

Russian Language School Kiev "SKYPE" lessons Russian Language School Kiev

Always busy?
You never find the time to go to your language school?
Now you can learn Russian or Ukrainian with "AMIGOS" from all over the world by Skype!

- Standard course - 2 lessons/week x 90 min/lesson

- Semi-intensive - 3 lessons/week x 90 min/lesson


Spanish courses

The program is split in 6 different levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (A1 - C2) from beginner to advanced. Each level takes 32 academic hours which corresponds to approx. 2 months-course.

In levels B2, C1 and C2 there are complementary activities of communication with native speakers.

Classes are delivered:

- Standard groups: 4-6 people

- Individual classes

Support didactic materials: Grammar book, exercices book, audiovisual resources (video films, Spanish TV channels, Spanish songs, CD records, etc). Our students have also available a library with Spanish magazines, books and newspapers.


Spanish literature

Tematic courses:

• "Los mitos en la literatura espanola del Siglo de Oro"

• "Escrituras autobiograficas de Espana"

• "Adaptaciones de las obras literarias en el cine espanol"

Each tematic course takes 32 academic hours (seminars and meetings with Spanish native speakers not included)

We provide you with all didactic material required for the courses.

Our team


Director and founder of the Cultural Center AMIGOS
Russian and Ukrainian Teacher
Spanish Teacher

Philologist with 12 years of teaching experience

Education: Doctor of Philology (Spanish Philology),
University of Zaragoza, Spain




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