Themed events

Speed travelling
We invite you to visit Speed travelling, where you can practice your Spanish, make new acquaintances and find the perfect travel-match for your trip!

Combining common interests in a common journey!
    Number of participants: 8-10 people
    Event language: Spanish
    Address:Cultural Center "AMIGOS" V. Chernovola St. 25, Kiev (Entrance from backside)
    Cost: 120 UAH

    By appointment

Quiz en español
We invite you to visit Quiz en español, where you can practice your Spanish, check your knowledge of Spain and Latin America, their cultures, traditions, language and learn a lot of new and interesting!
  • Play in pairs. If you come alone, we will find you a couple.
  • Each question is one point.
  • Play honestly, crooks will be disqualified!

The winners will get a special prize!

    Language: Spanish
    Address: Cultural Center "AMIGOS" V. Chernovola St. 25, Kiev (Entrance from backside)
    Cost: entrance free for students of �AMIGOS�.

    By appointment:

Free Language Exchange
Want to learn a new language, practice and share your language skills with others?

Welcome to AMIGOS Free Language Exchange!
    The idea of the event is to feel both as a teacher and as a student. You can not only learn a new language for yourself from a native speaker, but also share your languages skills with others.

    Each language will be presented at a different table and at each table there will be a list of random topics and questions that will make your acquaintance with the language even more interesting!!

    By appointment:

Chess with AMIGOS
Do you like to play chess or have you always wanted to learn? We invite you to play chess with AMIGOS, where you can find like-minded people and worthy opponents and have fun!
  • We will welcome all skills levels and your event host will try their best to pair you with someone of your skill bracket even if you're a beginner or advanced player.
  • We have lots of chess boards, so don't worry if you don't have your own.
  • All levels welcome. The focus of this event is socializing and meeting like-minded people.

  • By appointment:

Degustation of Spanish cheeses and wines
The degustation is organized by a Spanish sommelier who will teach you how to combine the wines and cheeses of sunny Spain.

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