Stretching is a special kind of aerobics, aimed mainly at stretching the muscles of the body, developing flexibility and elasticity.

    Stretching is:
  • Elaboration of all muscles of the body, even those that during normal training in gym do not work;
  • Rescue from tiredness and pain in various parts of the body by removing muscle and nerve blocks;
  • Stimulation of the cardiovascular system;
  • Body rejuvenation by returning to it natural flexibility;
  • Always straight posture and fit, slim appearance;
  • Perfect figure: slim waist, graceful curves of the body, arms and legs

Stretching is possible at any age, regardless of the level of training available.

Doing stretching exercises is not recommended for people with injuries and pathologies of the joints and the spine, osteoporosis, arthritis, thrombosis, hernias and serious heart disease.

Pole dance

Pole dance - is a combination of dance with power and gymnastic stunts, which requires good physical training, sufficient flexibility and stretching.

    Pole dance will help you to:
  • build all groups of muscles
  • lose weight
  • improve flexibility
  • relax after work
  • have a good time

Pole dance classes are available for beginners and experienced dancers.