Pole dance

Pole dance - is a combination of dance with power and gymnastic stunts, which requires good physical training, sufficient flexibility and stretching.

    Pole dance will help you to:
  • build all groups of muscles
  • lose weight
  • improve flexibility
  • relax after work
  • have a good time

Pole dance classes are available for beginners and experienced dancers.

Bokwa - Alphabet Fitness

Do you think the alphabet is needed only to read and write? No, the alphabet can also help you to train your body. Dancing cardio training is based on drawing letters and numbers using your feet. Of course, it happens very actively, because it is based on African dances, kick-boxing, capoeira and step aerobics. As a result, many muscle groups are worked through, and excess fat simply disappears.

Bokwa is a rhythmic movement to dynamic music that will cheer you up and give you cheerfulness and positive.

Bokwa will help you to get in shape and increase your stamina.