AMIGOS fitness

Fitness yoga light

Fitness Yoga - it's completely balanced workout, according to the principle "all in one"
where everyone will find their favorite discipline!

Fitness yoga harmoniously combines the advantages of yoga and fitness. It is perfect for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and those who are constantly in motion. Fitness yoga can be practiced by people of all ages, regardless of their level of training.

  • Each problem area of the body is worked out separately.;
  • Rescue from tiredness and pain in various parts of the body by removing muscle and nerve blocks;
  • Rehabilitation of joint mobility, elasticity and contractility of muscles, improved posture, stimulation of the cardiovascular system, weight loss;
  • The opportunity to acquire an excellent physical shape, develop concentration, avoid injuries, improve mental state, improve their self-esteem, increase resistance to stress;
  • Each workout is unique and does not repeat.

    Stages of training:

  • Dynamic warm-up. with elements of aerobics, latin, oriental dances, zumba, strip plastics.
  • Functional pilates (strength + rehabilitation). Elaboration of each problem area.
  • Stretching the muscles of the body, developing flexibility and elasticity.
  • Yoga. Asanas are given starting with the simplest ones. Much attention is paid to breathing technique.

Trainings are held:

- in standard groups of 4-8 people

- in mini groups of 2-3 people (the schedule is made individually)

- individually (the schedule is made individually)

Mixed training (women + men)

Age: 14+

After the class you will feel harmony with yourself and your body,
tune in to calm and good mood!

Body Power

Training with your own body weight and strength training.

Body Power is a power aerobic aimed at strengthening the main muscle groups and giving them the desired relief.

What happens in our body during and after strength training? Muscles are filled with blood, delivering the necessary substances throughout the body. The cardiovascular and adrenal-sympathetic systems are mobilized. Our metabolism is significantly accelerated, including burning energy reserves, which are stored in our fat.

  • What we get:
  • Excellent posture, flexibility and grace thanks to the strengthening of the muscular system around the spine.
  • Tightened abdomen and strong muscles of the abdominal wall in the correct position, protecting the internal organs from ptosis and incorrect position. This will be especially appreciated by future moms.
  • Slim, toned, beautiful body, which can be "dry" at your discretion, if you like the embossed shape, or leave smooth lines.
  • Excellent work of metabolism, the supply of whole body with blood, freedom from painful sensations because of stagnation and muscle clamps.
  • The ability to hear your body and a lot of positive energy

  • Stages of training:

  • Warm-up
  • Basic training. All muscle groups are consistently worked out. Exercises go one after another almost without a break - it trains muscular endurance.
  • Stretching

If you want to correct your figure, have a more feminine or more sporty silhouette, the Power Body program is exactly what you need!

Programs for young moms

Our coach will make a personalized program for young mothers with elements of pilates and yoga, the main focus of which is on improving the tone of internal muscles, taking into account your goals and physical abilities, focused on recovery of the body after childbirth.

Trainings are held:

- individually

- in mini groups of 2-3 people

(the schedule is made individually)

    What is needed for training?
  • ✔ Comfortable clothes
  • ✔ Shoes with rubber soles: sneakers, sports slippers / sandals, socks with rubber soles

Please come 15 minutes before your workout.

All trainings are held by appointment no later than 3 hours before the begining.

Before training, you need to tell the coach about your health problems.

Rules of AMIGOS fitness studio

    In fitness studio AMIGOS are:
  • All necessary equipment for training
  • Dressing room with lockers, shower
  • Heating floor
  • Drinking water
  • Experienced coaches and friendly atmosphere

For better results, we especially care about the workout atmosphere. Pleasant music will help you relax and tune in to a good mood.